Step Explanation:




1. Estimate

Initial electronically prepared estimation of cost associated with the vehicle’s repair. All appraisals are created with specific measurements in place to ensure all needs are met for the Insurance Provider as well as the individual customer’s needs.


2. Scheduled Arrival Date

All vehicles are given an arrival day that was determined “best practice” for all parts previously arrived at our facility. All the while, taking into consideration the least amount of additional costs associated with rental vehicles any other costs.


3. Dismantle

Removal of damaged parts, with digital images taken to chronicle any and all damaged parts.


4. Supplement

Any and all changes to parts, prices, hidden damage, or other additional needs are added to the initial appraisal and approved by the insurance provider, customer, or individual appraiser.


5. Body Department

The damaged parts are repaired, and all other body labor action is being performed.


6. Sublet.

In many cases, chosen outside vendors or other business partners are needed to complete a specific part of repair, such as a wheel alignment or window tinting. We try to incorporate on-site before the vehicle is re-painted to avoid inconsistencies.



7. Paint Preparation

Various processes, unique to each repair, are completed to ensure the best foundation for the vehicle’s paint needs.


8. Paint Booth

Application of any paint needs in a clean, environmentally conscious, climate-controlled room.


9. Re-Assembly

Any parts, such as trim, are fitted to the vehicle.


10. Polish

Minor imperfections are removed form the vehicle’s finish and overall appearance is finished.


11. Clean/Inspect

Vehicle is detailed, inside and out, and then inspected by a quality control team to verify the vehicle has been restored to factory specifications and beyond.


12. Ready Delivery

Invoices, images, and final bill are electronically uploaded to Insurance provider and the customer is notified that their vehicle is ready.